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Food & Commodities Processing



The world leader of coffee processing technology. Pinhalense machines are operating in over 100 countries, in all stages of processing cycle (wet milling, drying , dry processing), from harvesting to export or roaster.



The only maker of coffee industrial roaster in the world located in the heart of Brazilian coffee producing area where has one of the world largest roasing industries. Carmomaq roasters are found all over Brazil, in Latin America, North America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Oceania.   


NDC Technologies

NDC Technologies is a leading global manufacturer of the online and laboratory near-infrared (NIR) analyzers for the measurement of moisture, fat/oil, protein, caffeine, degree of bake/roast... in many food processing industries such as coffee, powdered milk, confectionery, baked biscuits, cereals, snacks, sugar, animal feed, etc…



Pattyn is an European manufacturer and worldwide leading provider of industrial packaging (B2B). Pattyn is the 1st choice of most of the top world companies in various industries.

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An European and world leader of manufacturing the professional and industrial autoclaves for industrial sterilization/pasteurization food or pharmaceutical or medical, for almost all types of packaging

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Simon Freres

SIMON SAS - SIMON FRÈRES is a SME located in Cherbourg, Normandy, operating in several European countries, and specialized in buttermaking equipment and continuous blending.

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Maf Roda

World leader of global solutions for Fruits and Vegetables. MAF RODA can provide the comprehensive solutions and complete lines of sorting, grading, packaging and handling for fresh fruit and vegetables.


Precia Molen

From design to after sale service, Precia Molen is able to provide total weighting solutions for all industry sectors.



One of the world leaders of trouble free method to clean the flat silos and other kinds of storages of various industries such as agricultural, animal feeds, cereals, soyabean meals, biomass, petrochemicals in powder and grain forms, cement, fertilizers, etc…

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