Dynamic Line Rating (DLR)

Ampacimon develops innovative "Dynamic Line Rating" (DLR) systems for transmission / distribution systems operators.

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Mors Smitt

Heavy Duty Relays

Auxiliary Relays, High Speed Trip Relays, Supervision Relays, Lock out Relays, Test Block, Arc Fault Relays.

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Ice Protection & Control

Digital Protection Relays

Digital Protection Relays, Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR), Digital Monitoring Control Distribution PCCN.

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With more than 50 years of experience all over the world and references, Simelectro is known as one of the leader in the design, manufacturing and installation of IPB & SPB.

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Enerdis / Chauvin Arnoux Energy

Power analyzer and Measuring Transducer, Power Meter

Chauvin Arnoux Energy, the expert in energy intelligence is specialized in fixed equipment for measuring, monitoring and supervising electrical network and energy system

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Oil Drying Solution

Streamer Electric AG designs, manufactures and delivers solutions intended to improve the reliability of power supply, reduce operational activities and cut down costs, as well as ensure industrial safety

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Dynamic Voltage Restorer

We are a top manufacturer professional in R&D, marketing and technical support for commercial and industrial electrical power quality solutions and industrial control products.

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Saft Batteries

Energy Storage Solution (ESS) for Stable Grid

Saft serves a huge range of market sectors, from aerospace, marine and rail to telecoms, health and energy, offering battery solutions for many different tyupes of applications.

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